The Dodge Durango is a Powerful Automobile

The new Dodge Durango can effectively tow cargo that weighs over 5,000 pounds using its powerful V6 engine. If you need more horsepower, you can upgrade to a V8 engine, which has a 7,400-pound towing capacity. Both engines are well-designed and can handle the roughest conditions on local roads in California, MO.

Although the Durango is powerful, it's very nimble and balanced. When the Durango pulls cargo, nothing sways because the Dodge engineers equipped this automobile with a solid 50/50 weight distribution system. Its design is structured around the rear drive axle and the main engine. As the Durango quickly accelerates, improper weight gradually moves to the drive axle, and this adjustment generates downward energy and boosts traction.

You can examine most of the performance features during a test drive at Spieler’s. We're a reputable dealership, and we arrange convenient test drive sessions in the Dodge Durango for all potential buyers.

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