Explore the Safety Features of the Chrysler 300

Are you in the market for a full-size luxury sedan? The Chrysler 300 is a popular full-size luxury sedan among our consumers at Spieler’s in California, MO for numerous reasons. One reason many of our consumers choose this model is because it offers safety features that provide everyone in the vehicle with exceptional protection.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop is available with the 300. This feature manages the throttle and brakes to help you maintain a safe driving distance between you and the preceding vehicle. This feature can even apply the brakes when needed to avoid impact.

A Blind Spot Monitoring System is also available with the Chrysler 300. This system uses sensors to monitor for vehicles that enter your blind spot zones. If a vehicle is detected in your blind spot, an illuminating icon will appear on the exterior side mirror. You will also be warned with an audible chime to let you know that it isn't safe to change lanes.

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