There are lots of things about a vehicle that helps to make driving it a more pleasurable experience. Performance and design are important, but sometimes it's the technology that comes with it that makes it the right choice to get around California, MO. The 2019 Dodge Charger comes with features that enhance the driving experience.

It is always a good thing when the car that you’re driving makes things easier. The 2019 Charger sedan has Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop available. With this system equipped, the Charger is able to adjust the speed to maintain the present cruising distance with the use of the throttle and brakes.

The Dodge Charger also has options depending on the level of entertainment you require while out on the road. There is a six-speaker Alpine system that delivers 276 watts of power and premium clarity due to the paring of the eight-channel amp. If you need to step things up a bit, there are also a nine-speaker Alpine system and a nineteen speaker Harmon Kardon system also available.

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