Get Behind the Wheel of a Computer with the 2018 Dodge Journey

Technicians redesigned the entire interior of the 2018 Dodge Journey with a special focus on the instrument panel. They added so many new technology features that you could compare driving the redesigned vehicle to being behind the wheel of a computer.

Uconnect 3 Nav display screens put award-winning Garmin GPS navigation right at your fingertips. These displays update to provide you with fair warning about upcoming road signs and intersections. Weather forecasts, fuel prices and even sports scores are provided in a way that won't distract you while you're driving. Voice controls and hands-free Bluetooth-enabled calling means you won't have to take your eyes off the road either. Since it's integrated with SiriusXM satellite radio, the onboard entertainment system can serve up audio programs designed to keep you alert on those long cross-country journeys.

If you'd like to see Dodge's Uconnect technology in action, then head on over to Spieler’s in California, MO today.

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