Mopar Celebrates Its Eightieth Birthday

Mopar turned 80 in 2017, having been founded all the way back in 1937. While it's often referred to as an auto parts company, Mopar was never actually an independent firm. Chrysler founded it to market antifreeze and other accessories for their various automobile brands and they owned the company throughout their existence. The modern version of Mopar is still controlled by Daimler, which means that all of their parts are designed by the same engineers who design Chrysler automobiles.

Advertising executives ultimately started to use Mopar as a slang term for car parts and supplies. In some cases, the term Mopar ended up being used as a name for the automobiles. If things had gone a little differently, then Chrysler might have dumped Plymouth and DeSoto early on to make room for a new Mopar automotive brand.

If you need to have work done on your own Chrysler automobile, then Mopar is a safe bet for parts. Visit our certified Mopar parts center at Spieler’s in California, MO.

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