Recognize the Difference between Spare Tires before Long Distance Traveling

If you’re planning a long-distance trip in your vehicle, then you will want to be prepared in case there is a flat tire. There is a difference between a compact temporary spare tire and a full-size spare tire. A full-size spare tire will match the aesthetics of your vehicle.

However, if you get a flat and you have a compact temporary spare tire, then you should not travel beyond the recommended miles as stated on the label of the tire. Due to safety concerns, it is not wise to leave the temporary spare tire on the vehicle. The tire was not designed to handle high rates of speed or long-distance traveling.

Whether you need one tire or all four tires replaced, Spieler’s service department has the qualified and skilled staff to accommodate you! Our service department is located in California, MO.

Please stay safe as you go about your traveling!

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