Maintaining Your Car is Best Defense Against Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning happens when tires lose grip during wet weather. Cars made in the last seven years have traction controls that prevent hydroplaning by maintaining grip. To be effective, these systems rely on the car's four brakes and four tires. Maintaining your brakes and tires in California, MO is the best way to prevent hydroplaning.

Each brake is used individually by the traction control system. Regular brake pad replacement, per the car manual, will ensure the longest life for each individual brake. Maintaining your tires is another important line of defense. To ensure grip, each tire must have adequate tread with no bald spots. Balance and alignment ensure that your tires are positioned correctly for effective use.

Learn more about the connection between maintenance and car safety at Spieler’s. Our well-trained mechanics can help your car stay on the road. Schedule your appointment today!

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