Do You Have a Tire Inflator in Your Roadside Kit?

Being prepared for the worst is essential when driving the roads and highways of Missouri and it is critical to have a roadside safety and repair kit in your vehicle just in case you run into some obstacles during your travels. It's better to have a set of supplies with you when you don’t need it, rather than don’t have it with you when you do need it, and here is one item that could save you time and hassle if your tire should go flat.

Having a tire inflator kit in your vehicle is an ideal tool that is quick and simple to use. Having one could save you time and money from calling a tow truck, or having to change your tire completely. If you end up on the side of the road with a blown tire and it isn't destroyed, you can use the tire inflator to pump up your tire to get at least make it to our service center, or if you have to change your tire, it is good to fill the spare up in the case that it has depressurized.


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