What Do You Need to Know About Car Parts?

This article won’t teach you how to be a mechanic, although it will, in fact, teach you some major differences between the two types of parts on today’s market – aftermarket and OEM, or original equipment manufactured, parts. In order to determine the importance between them, our mechanics at Spieler’s are here to guide you to the right replacements for your vehicle.

Aftermarket parts come in an overwhelming variety, and can even be customized. However, they aren’t always guaranteed to work, like OEM parts are. Although aftermarket parts are usually more easily found than their OEM counterparts, they may not have a warranty. Conversely, OEM parts almost always come with a strong warranty. OEM parts are typically bought at dealerships, although you do get the free benefit of valuable insight.

Do you not know where to begin in choosing what type of part for your vehicle? Come visit us at 1109 W Buchanan Street, where we install OEM parts for nothing more than the part’s cost. Build the life of your vehicle firmly with a top-notch OEM component.

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